6 comments on “Make Tough Decisions and Move On with the Two Minute Rule

  1. Great posts. Although, I do have to say that, for big decisions, I can’t make them within two minutes. I won’t belabor them but, in some cases, a quick decision can be costly.

  2. Reblogged this on Kg Books Publishing and commented:
    Nobody likes making hard decisions but they are necessary in order to have a better business. Decisions affect our entire lives and the lives of others. Just remember this one thing. Your first impression is usually always the best one. People tend to rethink their decisions and sometimes they finally come back to their first instinct. So Make the decision and move on.

  3. This is something I need to put into use! Like many others I often struggle to make a decision. I also find that the longer it takes to make that decision, the lines seem to get closer together making the decision seem more difficult. I suppose the way to look at this is the same as taking a test where you know the material. Go with your first choice, it’s usually right!

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